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Layer of Red Plaster on Mahabodhi Temple attracts Tourists Bodhgaya, 29 November (Dainik Jagran). The Mahabodhi Temple situated on the sacred site of the Tathagata's austerities is being covered in a layer of red plaster as part of the preservation work being undertaken by the Archaeological Department and this is acting as an attraction for tourists. As part of this work the surface layer of the temple which is damaged is being removed and replaced under the direction of archaeologist with great precision.
It is notable that the decision to restore the whole of the Mahabodhi Temple was taken last January. Thereafter work began in February of 2002. At the present moment work is ongoing on the North, South and West of the temple. The work on the two temple like dome shaped structures [sic] above the Vajrasana is almost complete. Due to the ongoing work by the Archaeological Department pilgrims are deprived of the opportunity to visit the Vajrasana up close. The red plaster is proving in itself an attraction for tourists. The Muchalinda pond is being filled with water from boring. Due to which the fish of the pond are being restored. Tourists are also fairly pleased. Temple sources say that through the filling with water much of the accumulated dirt is being decreased. Along with this the rate of deaths in the fish is being decreased.

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