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Ven. Dharmviriyo openly Criticises Ven. Anand
Bodhgaya, 25 November (Dainik Jagran). Ven. Dharmariryo the former member of the state legislative assembly (MLA) while staying in Bodhgaya today at a Press Conference openly criticised Ven. Anand the General Secretary of the All India Monks Association. Ven. Dharmaviryo said that the behaviour and activities of Ven. Anand since he donned robes also taught a lesson. [?] Ven. Dharmaviryo called on the Spiritual teacher the Dalai Lama to come and cause a Ganges river of Dharma to flow.
In a press conference organised at the Indian Monks Association office in Bodhgaya Ven. Dharmaviryo said that Ven. Anands issuing of statements against the Dalai Lama was regretable. He said that on the sacred soil of the Buddha's wisdom nobody had the right to spread disturbance [ashanti]. Ven. Dharmaviryo said that Ven. Anand was unacquainted with Buddhist wisdom. After donning the robes of a monk, behaviour and character should be according to the Buddhist Dharma.
Speaking in the manner of a teacher he said that if the Buddhist Dharma was not agreeable to Ven. Anand he should disrobe and practice politics. He said that wars took place between Buddhist kings and sects during the Buddhist period. But there had been no separatism in the word of the Buddha or in Tripitaka. It was due to this that today in countries like Europe and America that the Dharma was being taught and spread. Which had prooved to be a boon
It is notable that on the 18th of November Ven. Anand sent a letter to the District Magistrate in which a five point demand was made. In the letter it gave the Magistrate until the 10th of December to make known his responses to it. In the letter was also the statement that if the demands were not met that a national campaign would be launched in Bodhgaya. Ven Anand has made this announcement for after the 10th of December whilst from the 11th of January the Buddhist Festival and Kalacakra Puja is to be celebrated. The Dalai Lama will be present at the Kalacakra Puja. So it is in this context that Ven. Dharmaviryo has made his response to Ven. Anand.
Ven. Dharmaviryo raised the question of why as long as Ven. Anand along with his 'fellow Gurus' was a member of the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee he did not see the defects in the committee. He said that after being removed from it he constantly talked about campaigning rather than the development of Bodhgaya. Which was not suitable for somebody who had donned robes in the land of peace.
Ven. Dharmaviryo appealed to the world Buddhist community saying that the incident of the interference with the image of the Buddha that the Taliban had done in Afghanistan was a stain on humanity. They should help India to stop the spread of its propogandists in India.

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