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Maitreya Project: BJP Will Maintain Pressure on State: Nand Kishor Gaya, 15 November (Dainik Jagran). Nand Kishor Yadav, the State Chairman of the BJP has said that the BJP will maintain pressure on the state government to bring the Maitreya Project to Bodhgaya. Due to the non-cooperation of the state government the project has shifted to UP, Mr Yadav said today while addressing journalists.
Mr Yadav said that when in the state legislature Mr Prem Kumar announced the transfer of the Maitreya Project to UP then an answer was asked for from the state government. The state goverment said that all possible steps would be taken to keep the project in Bodhgaya. But the state goverment had been unable to make available the proposed land to the project. Mr Yadav said that with the opening of the international airport in Gaya there was going to be the possibility of an unprecedented increase in tourism.
[The rest of the report concerns the BJP's program to ensure it has representatives on all Panchayats in Bihar and is not directly related to Bodhgaya:-PGF]

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