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Rejoicing at Start of International Flights
Gaya, 12 November (Dainik Jagran).People have expressed joy at the commencement of international flights from Gaya airport. The city MLA and BJP workers praised the central government while expressing their joy.
City MLA and BJP assistant State Minister Dr. Prem Kumar, Metro Chairman Sunil Kumar Sinha, General Secretary Kashinath Singh, Trishul Kumar Sinha, Kundan Sharan, Satish Kumar Sinha, Vikas Kumar, Dhirendra Kumar, Abhay Kumar, Rajnandan Prasad Gandhi, Anil Gupta, etc. while expressing their joy said that the BJP had proved by opening the airport that there was no difference between their words and deeds (kqanaI AaOr krnaI maoM kao[- fk- nahIM hO).
They said that in the future the taking of this step by the central government would be regarded as a historical milestone in the development of tourism in the area of Gaya-Bodhgaya. The secretary of the Youth Buddhist Society Ashvani Kumar Baudh, the founder of the Shakyamuni Buddha Vihar Rupesh Kumar, Secretary Santosh Kumar and Y.B.S. office in-charge Mithalesh Kumar etc. praised the Prime Minister Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee and the City Air Minister Saiyad Shahanvaj Hussain for the starting of international flights from the airport.

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