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Police Bothered by Controversial Buddhist Monk Vimalasara Gaya, 9 November (Dainik Jagran). The Police department faces a difficult situation over the case of the controversial Buddhist monk Vimalasara who is accused of corruption. The validity of the Sri Lankan national's visa has now expired, and papers have been submitted in court against him. In such circumstances were he to be deported from the country it would effect the case pending against him.
The police have registered a case against Vimalasara, the former assistant head of the Mahabodhi Society, in the Gaya court. He is accused of making illegal money, corruption, and illegal foreign exchange dealings under the FEMA legislation. He has been held for three months against his arrest by the Bodhgaya police. Four days ago he came out of jail on bail.
His visa to stay in India has expired, and it cannot be extended. The State Government has asked the Gaya police for their view on this matter. In this situation it is possible he may be deported. However, it is not possible for him to come from Sri Lanka on the dates fixed for his case to Gaya and under these circumstances it could effect his case. In that case it would be essential to extend his visa to stay in Gaya or for him to stay without a visa in India.
The Magadh area Police assistant director Nirmal Chandra Dhondhiyal says that he has had a letter in this matter from the state government. But he has not yet seen the letter due to which he cannot make an authorised statement on its contents but when he sees he it he will take essential legal action. [not sure what this means:-PGF]
It is notable that whilst Vimalasara was living for several years in Gaya was always in the news. He had been transferred from Lumbini to Gaya by the Mahabodhi Society. But he refused to take charge. He is accused of illegal operation of a bank account, buying land and not giving charge to the Society. [I am not sure what this last point refers to:-PGF] He has also registered a case against the Gaya Police.

[On a personal note I met Vimalasara over several years in Bodhgaya and thought him an ambitious and dedicated monk. I find the laying of charges against him at this time hard to understand:-PGF]

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