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Gift of Cloth to 350 Monks at Mahabodhi Temple Gaya, 23 October (Dainik Jagran). The ceremony of kathina for giving cloth to monks was today celebrated in the compound of the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya. On this occasion food and cloth for robes was given to 350 monks. In the Theravada tradition after the monks have spent four months on the rains retreat lay people offer to them robes. It is celebrated as a festival. On this occassion the Maigasese prize for 2002 for promoting world peace was given to the Korean monk Pom Yun Sunim.
On this occassion the District Magistrate Brajesh Mehotra said that the temple management would always aid such holy enterprises and invite donors who would act to increase the auspiciousness of the temple. The Temple Management Committee secretary Kalicaran Yadav said while congratulating and giving a memorial gift to the Thai Upasikaa [lay Buddhist woman] Racanikam Canachatri that such devottees as her made the Dharma prosperous and created a clean atmosphere. The main inspirer of the event the Thai monk Dr. B. Khemanda said that during the coming year arrangement would be made to make it even more splendid in the following year. Casting light on the importance of the event the monk in charge of the temple Ven. Bodhipala said that this was the first such ceremony of its type to be held in the sacredest compound of the Mahabodhi temple. From the celebration of the festival here the donors would attain unparalled satisfaction and peace. On this occasion Dr. Ramsvarup Singh and Mangal Subba who are members of the temple management committee were present. The organisation of the event was carried out by Kailash Prasad.

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