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Possibility of International Flights from Gaya Airport by Month's end Gaya (Dainik Jagran). The Gaya international airport reconstruction is now complete. There is the possibity of the first flights taking off by the end of the month. No official announcement has yet been made by the Airports Authority of India. But there is news of the possibility of the first flight on the 29th of October.
In view of the international importance of Gaya and Bodhgaya the airport has been made international. Work on this has been going on since last year and now the works are complete. Two months ago Central Industrial Security Force troops were stationed there for security. Runway works for take off were completed two months ago. Since then it has been expressed that there is the possibility of flights.
[rest of article says that the local officials are waiting for central officials to make an announcement, there is the possibility of week flights by Sri Lanka Airlines and Indian Airlines. The Indian Airlines flight will link Kolkota, Gaya and Delhi. It is hoped that flights begin in time for the tourist season and the Kalacakra Ceremony in January when great crowds are anticipated.]

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