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Land of the Buddha Resounds to the Sound of Vedic Mantras Bodhgaya (Dainik Jagran). The sacred land of the Buddha is resounding to the sacred sounds of the recitation of Vedic chants at various functions held on the occasion of Durga Puja. According to custom on the Seventh day of Navaratri ("Nine nights") the final form is given to the pavilions in which statues of the goddess are erected and the ceremony of "Opening the Eye cloth" takes place.
The pavilion erected by the Bodhgaya 'fo. ca.' [?] fund committee and the image and water pitcher [in which dwells the spirit of the goddess:-PGF] has been attracting devotees since the day of its establishment. At this spot several Acaryas who have come from Ayodhya have been performing recitations from the Ramayana and giving teachings at which there have been great crowds in attendance.
According to sources in rural areas also in accordance with traditions modern style pavilion have been erected and artists brought in from outside to make images of Durga to entrance the heart with their appearance. The Jagran Club [no relation to the newspaper:-PGF] of Pacchetti has organised a Ravana Vadh ('Killing of Ravana') ceremony on the Kalacakra Maidan and the image for this is being constructed.

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