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Fast Against Animal Sacrifice at Mangala Gauri
Gaya, 11 October (Dainik Jagran). Under the banner of the Sarva Mangala Shanti Mission a one day fast against animal sacrifice was held in the courtyard of the Mangala Gauri temple. Several notable citizens of the city and the ward council took part in this fast. During the fast speakers spoke on the need for the ending of the practice of animal sacrifice.
Nowadays due to the festival of Navaratri the courtyard of the temple is very crowded. Hundreds of people are daily reciting the seven hundred [verses in praise of the goddess]. There are always lots of crowds from the festival of Ashtami to Dushera and here animal sacrifices are made. For several years Balesh Bhikshu of the mission has been trying to stop this practice and he has launched a public awareness campaign for this.
Balesh Bhikshu said today that to make sacrifices in the name of the goddess of compassion was inappropriate and cruel. To kill any animal for any goddess was inappropriate. He said that the blessings of the goddess could be found through auspicious acts, faith, love and devotion. In today's gathering views were also expressed by Ward Councilor Renuka Palit, Vinod Kumar Akela, Dr. Vivekanand Mishra, Munni Ram Dubbe, Sunaina Singh, Reena Kumari, Pratima Kumari, Manju Devi, Rajeev Ranjan Annapurna, etc.

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