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Ancestor Offerings in Vaitrani Lake, Fair concludes Today Gaya, 5 October (Dainik Jagran). Rituals have been being conducted at the Vaitarani Lake in the South of the City since this morning. There is a particular importance to making water offerings for the ancestors at the Vaitarani Lake the day before the new moon. Tomorrow the Pitripaksa fair will be concluded with offerings made at the Akshayvat altar.
The fair which began on the 22nd of September will be concluded tomorrow. More than four hundred thousand pilgrims will have been to Gaya during this period and the rituals will conclude tomorrow and then the devotees will all go home. In the fair the pilgrims who have come to Gaya have been looked after by the administration, the Trust Committee, the Vishnupad Temple Management Committee, the Gayapal Area Brahmins and voluntary organizations.
The administration made arrangements for the pilgrims to hear teachings at the end of their days of performing rituals. Speakers came from Bhagalpur and Bhopal. Not only this but under the banner of the "Human Uplift Service Committee" Satanand, the disciple of Satpal Jee Maharaj from Haridwar came and from Patna Rudrakshanand Jee came and benefited devotees with their teachings. This information was given by the committee organiser Anjuani Kumar.
Tomorrow is the last day of Pitripaksa. On this occasion the crowds will flock to the Akshayvat altar. The custom is to make offerings to the Gayapal Brahmin priests on this occasion.
According to information from sources in Bodhgaya this occasion has its own importance in that place. Today on the day before the completion of the festivities crowds could be seen circulating around all the monasteries. In this fair no arrangement were made by the administration in Bodhgaya. In a number of places pilgrims could be seen wandering around looking for drinking water and toilets.

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