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Gaya is the City of Liberation
Gaya, 2 October, (Dainik Jagran). Ramesh Joshi, a pilgrim who has come from Kolkata [Calcutta] in West Bengal says that Gaya is the city of liberation and most pilgrims come here due to faith. He also said that when Bhagwan [Buddha?] came to Gaya the Vishnupad temple must already have been here as this is what history tells us. It is also clear that the enlightenment that Bhagwan Buddha obtained in Bodhgaya is somehow connected with having faith in Bhagwan Vishnu. Even today also people come here in order to make offerings to the ancestors in the desire to attain liberation.
In the same way Ramesh Kumar, a pilgrim from Bara Bazar in Kolkata city believes that nowadays the fame of Mahabodhi temple is more than that of the Vishnupad temple. Also the management of the Mahabodhi temple is better than that of Vishnupad temple.
[The Dainik Jagran is publishing interviews with pilgrims to the Pitripaksa Mela most days at the moment, these are two excerpts from today's accounts:-PGF]

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