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Auspicious Sign in Arrival of Foreign Tourists before Tourist Season Bodhgaya, 1 October (Dainik Jagran). The arrival of foreign tourists before the beginning of the tourist season is being perceived by local tradespeople as an auspicious sign.
There is a commotion [sugbugAha.t?] of intensive preparations for the world famous Kalacakra puja of the Buddhist Dharma adherents to be held in the forthcoming January. Local traders, lesser and greater alike are already stockpiling items to be sold during the puja. Perhaps from the fear that this year again like last year the entry of vehicles may be prohibited. Whilst the footpath traders are fearful that the local administration may start the process of disestablishing [i.e. evicting] them during the puja. Lesser and greater hotels, guest houses and private houses are all being decorated to provide accomodation for the tourists who come.
Information from University sources two officials from the Tibetan University in Sarnath have come in the last few days in regard to accomodation for special guests during the puja and have already paid the determined rates for the student hostels and completed the reservation procedure.

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