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Bodhgaya MLA says it is essential to be open about the "Buffer Zone" Bodhgaya, 29 September (Dainik Jagran). The inhabitants of Bodhgaya are even now concerned about the proposed Buffer Zone after the inclusion of the Mahabodhi Temple in the World Heritage List.
As a representative on behalf of the local residents and an MLA [Member of the Legislative Assembly, akin to an Australian Senator:-PGF] Jitaram Manji told "Jagran" that the local administration should reassure the horrified people by appraising them of the real situation once more. He said that the shops established near the temple attract tourists to the temple and grant them security. There is a danger of spreading a wrong sentiment in preparing buildings in the name of religious institutions within the announced Buffer Zone. They should be stopped before they are constructed.1 Mr Manjhi said that the task of all the monasteries was promoting and promulgating the Buddhist religion not running guest houses. In the current era almost all of the monasteries have become business centres. This is a matter which should be investigated by the local administration.
Mr Manjhi also said that in the form of encroachments land scandals had also been carried out. The local administration ignores the orders of the high court and ignores the multi-storey buildings that have been built on encroachments. Instead from time to time it is involved in a process of demolishing small huts and footpath shops in the name of removing encroachments which is worthy of censure.

Note: Perhaps a reference to the scheme to build a new guest house for 3000 pilgrims promoted by the Temple Management Committee?

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