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Offerings to Ancestors aimed at establishing Social Status Gaya 23 September (Dainik Jagran). Pilgrims are arriving by their thousands now to make offerings to their ancestors. From amongst them there are those who are coming because they are concerned with what people might say about them [if they didn't] and in view of maintaining their social status. The pilgrims who have come for the Fair are not looking pleased with the arrangements for cleanliness in the town and Fair area. They are complaining of the inadequate provision of arrangements for drinking water, toilets, etc.
Mr Ramadhar Ray is from Tamanpura Gazipur and is the principal of the Shri Mahanth Ramashray Inter College and he has come here along with about five dozen of his companions to make offerings to his ancestors. Mr Ray says he does not believe in making offerings at all but in order to maintain his status in society he has to fulfil his obligation to come and make offerings. He says he would advise his own son not to make such offerings. [they are made by son's for fathers:-PGF] He praised the arrangments at the temple, but said that the bank of the river was pretty dirty. He criticised the numerous drains pouring dirty water into the river.
[the rest of the report consists of accounts of interviews with more pilgrims and their views on why they make offerings and the state of the local arrangements for the pilgrims:-PGF]

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