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Three Mobile Vehicles of Medical College Rusting in Garage Gaya, 16 September (Dainik Jagran). Three mobile vehicles worth 60 lakh rupees are rusting in the garage of the Anugraha Narayana Medical college. Up to today not even the slightest advantage has come to villagers from these vehicles.
According to information received the said three vehicles were given to the medical college in the year of 1980. Each vehicle cost about 20 lakh rupees. Each mobile ambulance has in it all the facilities for performing ordinary types of operations in it. The main objective in giving the ambulances to the college was that it could hold camps in rural areas and perform operations on villagers but villagers could not so far get any advantage from the supply of these three vehicles to the college. Even today the three vehicles are standing rusting in the garage of the college.
It is memorable that the Examiner of Accounts Control had made a thorough investigation of this matter in 1997 but up to now the result of this investigation can not be obtained. And once more during the last few days the Public Accounts Committee has been and investigated this matter and come back. It is now to be seen what will happen. Whether its results will be made known or not.

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