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Claim of Firm Arrangement for Health in Pitripaksa Mela Gaya, 15 September (Dainik Jagran). The Civil Surgeon has claimed that firm arrangements for health during the Pitripaksa Mela have been put into place. But the Pilgrim Hospital itself looks unhealthy nowadays. Due to lack of vehicles the hospital feels paralyzed. Due to phones being dead there is a total lack of telecommunications. Filth has established its empire in the grounds of the hospital and the problem of drinking water is also there. Additional Collector Vishnu Kumar's letters to various departments have proved fruitless.
It is noteworthy that Additional Collector Vishnu Kumar inspected the pilgrim hospital last August. During the inspection he was seized with the various problems of the hospital. He gave orders to the town council to clear the hospital grounds. He gave orders to the Civilian Public Health Engineering acting Engineer to solve the problem of drinking water speedily. He also ordered them to mend the dilapidated roof of the building in a strong notice. Despite this up until now no works have been begun.
It is noteworthy that from the 22nd of September the auspicious Pitripaksa Mela begins. If by then the works on the hospital have not been undertaken then is a question mark over the successful functioning of the health centers.

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