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Terrorist Incident Cannot Be Ruled Out: Dattatreya Gaya, 11 September (Dainik Jagran). The State Rail Minister Dattatreya Bagarampa has said that a terrorist hand in the Rajdhani Express Train crash cannot be ruled out. This afternoon at four o'clock Mr Dattatreya arrived at the crash scene for an inspection of it. He was accompanied by Sushil Kumar Modi the leader of the State Legislature Opposition Party.
The state rail minister Mr Dattatreya Bagarampa arrived at the crash site at four o'clock in the afternoon in a special saloon from Patna. Mr Dattatreya went down from the bridge into the river and inspected the scene of the incident. He questioned railway officials about the incident. Mr Dattatreya said that having inspected the site the possibility could not be ruled out that terrorists had removed the fish-plates.
Sushil Kumar Modi the leader of the State Legislature Opposition Party said that there had been clashes between the railway police and extremists in this area in 2000 in connection with the removal of fish-plates. He said that the area was completely affected by Naxalite activity. Mr Modi criticized the State Government and said that not a single official was present at the site. During the inspection of the site Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh the leader of the Samta Party along with several other leaders was also present.

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