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Bodhgaya Sanskrit College Head Declared Unqualified Bodhgaya, 7 September (Dainik Jagran). Due to being declared as not having the qualification of Principal the Head of Bodhgaya Sanskrit College has been declared to be unqualified by Choti Sahayak the secretary of the ad hoc committee of the Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University. Issued under the signature of Mr Sahay memo 2158/28 of August the ad hoc organising committee of the Mahanth Shatanand Giri Sanskrit College Bodhgaya advised that in the issue of the said matter according to the regulations that due to being a Reader of the History Department Mr Pande's qualification was not qualified. Because previously the principal of the Sanskrit College had been a Sanskrit teacher.
It is said that in this matter Mr Pande had been investigated by the Bihar College Service Commission. Due to which his appointment had been quashed. A note of the memo had been sent to Mr Pande. It is notable in this regard that the former Head, Krishna Nandan Mishra and other teachers have employed numerous drills (strategies?) in this matter. It is now to be seen who will get this position in this the only Sansrkrit college in this district. It is said that the senate's decision in this matter of separating "milk from water" has pleased Sanskrit lovers and Teachers.
[Note: the Hindi in this passage was so packed with officialese that I am not sure if my translation is very accurate:-PGF]

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