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"To Talk of Protecting the Nation is dishonest unless we protect the Mother" Gaya, 31 August (Dainik Jagran). As long as we do not protect the cow, the Ganges, and mothers who give birth it is dishonest to talk of protecting the nation. Therefore along with protecting cows it is essential we protect the environment and national integrity.
The above statement was made by the distinguished author Govardhan Prasad Saday while speaking on the subject of "Why Protect Cows?" at a seminar run in consort with the conference on the worship of cows at the local cow shelter organised by the Indian National Council for Cow Protection. Mr Saday said that on the one hand the government announced that the country was setting out on the road to progress. But I consider that the country is on the path to degredation. He said that thousand of women were being illegally sent to Arab countries. Abroad people were trading in the flesh of cows. Rapid deforestation was making the country desolate.
In his chairman's speech Ramkumar Arya said that in ancient India in progress emphasis was paid to sages and agriculture. Addressing the seminar Special Guest Prof. Ramsinghasan Singh said that if the country were to become prosperous it could only be by agricutulture based on protecting the cow. Ward Councillor Vishvanath Singh said it was the duty of every citizen to protect the cow. Vinod Kumar, the youth leader of the equality party said whilst addressing the meeting that is was clearly stated in clause 48 of the constitution that it was illegal to kill any cow, calf or other milk giving animal used in agriculture. Yet the creators of the constitution could have never imagined that the government itself would act in such a way as to encourage an increase in the export of beef.

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