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Student Set to Strike at Magadh University
Bodhgaya, 26 August (Dainik Jagran). The communal picket by the workers at Magadh University today gained more strength when two separate student organisations announced campaigns. The Post Graduate Students today began a picket and the student Union continued its opposition to opening branches in Patna.
The Post Graduate Students Union and the Research Wisdom Students Union have begun a campaign over three points, including: opposition to opening offices in Patna, opening of six new departments and the demand for the starting of B.Ed. and M.Ed. courses in the University. Today at the demonstration the leaders of the unions were present along with other students,.
Krishna Nandan Yadav, the General Secretary of the Samta Party said that the opening of a branch office in Patna was a fundamental mistake. He said that other universities or institutions could open branches in the Magadh District. He said in warning tone that if the branch in Patna was not closed then a campaign would be launched.

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