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Eviction Notice to Bodhgaya Monastery Shopkeepers Bodhgaya, 14 August (Dainik Jagran).
The Block Office has once more begun an attempt to free the international tourist site of Bodhgaya from encroachments. In this regard the block officer Ravi Bhusana has issued an eviction notice to about a dozen shopkeepers to vacate their premises by the 17th of August. All of these shopkeepers have been renting their shops for years which are constructed on the land of the Bodhgaya Monastery.
The dozen or so shops are in the western direction on the Gandhi Chowk, the main road for reaching Bodhgaya and a notice was issued to their shopkeepers on the last date of last month. The notice is signed by the block officer. In it it is said that this land is public land and it must be vacated by the 17th of August. This notice has been issued in the light of Bihar Land Encroachment Act of 1956 clause 6. In the notice it is also stated that if the said order is not obeyed then it will be a punishable offence under Indian Penal Code Act of 1860 clause 188. All of these shops are built on account number 1033 and plot number 3135/2977.
In regard to the Bodhgaya Monastery shops built on public land Block Officer Ravi Bhusan said that after the demolition of the newly undergoing reconstruction Congress Office [see: story] a survey was carried out by the block office. In which it was found that all the land in the said plot was vacant. Mr Bhusan said that after that a notice was issued to all the shopkeepers with an order to vacate the premises by the 17th of August.
Meanwhile, on the other hand after receiving the notices the shopkeepers are angry. The shopkeepers who have been in these shops for years are unhappy with this action of the administration. The shopkeepers said that so far they had not even been all issued with notice but some notices were in hand. The shopkeepers warned that if the administration attempted to evict them then they would take refuge in the courts. There is information as well that this notice has caused an uproar amongst the managers of Bodhgaya monastery. The managers are busy trying to assemble paperwork to support the shopkeepers.

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