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Farmers Breath a Sigh of Relief due to Heavy Rain Patna, 11 August (Dainik Jagran).
Due to heavy monsoon rain in almost all districts of the state farmers who had been fighting with the drought breathed a sigh of relief. From three hours of torrential rain the hope arose again in farmers of the possibility of a fair aid in farming work. However, for the flood affected people of North Bihar it would only increase their difficulties.
Good rain fell on the catchments of the Koshi and Bagmati rivers. In these areas 65 mm. of rain was recorded. In the capital of Patna mm. less than the average was recorded. According to weather experts in the next 24 hours there is the possibility of heavy rain all over the state.
Today's rain was most likely to prove beneficial to farmers in the Son river command area. [which I think includes Gaya district:-PGF] In the areas of majority rice production 35 mm. fell due to which the hope arose of sowing the bound up rice seedlings. [I think this means transfering the rice seedlings to the main fields:-PGF]

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