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Direct Flights from Gaya for Haj Pilgrims from September: Shahnaz. Kishanganj, 6 August, (Dainik Jagran). For the first time Haj pilgrims will be able to fly direct to Mecca-Medina and for only 12 thousand rupees. Formerly Haj Pilgrims flying from Mumbai or Delhi had to pay 35 thousand rupees. This news was given by the Central Urban Parks minister Saiyad Shahnavaj.
He said that from the first of September for the majority of Bihar's pilgrims there would be direct flights from Gaya to Bangkok. He said that at first the government gave Haj pilgrims only 20 thousand rupees grant, which had been increased to 120,000 rupees. Before the Indian Goverment gave a total of ten crore five lakhs and 95 thousand rupees total grant which the present BJP government had increased sixteen fold to 164 crore rupees. In comparision with before it cost every pilgrim to Mecca-Medina 23 thousand rupees less. This government had given to the minority support corporation five hundred crores of rupees and for the development of Urdu thirty crores. He said that the Central Human Resources Minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi had done more work for the minorities than had been done by other parties during the previous 50 years. These parties only wept crocodile tears for the minorities and only viewed the minorities as a vote-bank.

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