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Grievous Attack on Secretary of Magadh University Technical Cell
Bodhgaya, 3 August (Dainik Jagran). Yesterday unknown persons carried out a grievous attack on Lal Bahadur Singh the Membership Secretary of the Technical Cell of the Medical, Dental, Engineering Committee situated in the central office of Magadh University. Giving information to this effect Mr Singh said that some local people claiming to be from A.N. College Patna entered my residence. They began to ask about notebooks [records?] from the Technical Cell. On him not giving them extensive information they made a grievous attack on him. In which Mr Singh was lightly injured. Mr Singh gave written notice of these events to the senior officials of the University and the University police station. Meanwhile Randhir Singh who is employed as a orderly [adeshpal?] at the residence of Mr. Singh made a written complaint to Pappu Yadav the Chairman of the Daily Waged Employees Union of being beaten up by Mr Singh. In this regard Mr Singh said that since some days the behaviour of the said orderly had seemed suspicious. Meanwhile Pappu Yadav, the Union Chairman said that if the Vice Chancellor did not remove the said membership secretary from his post then the Daily Waged Union would be compelled to launch a campaign. The orderly is neither a servant of the university nor a private servant.
[not sure about what is really going on here from the newspaper report:-PGF]

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