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Investigation of FEMA case against Vimalasara begins Gaya, 28 July. (Dainik Jagran). The investigation has begun against the Ven. Vimalarsara, who is on remand in custody, in regard to the law on Foreign Exchange (FEMA). An officer who arrived in Gaya today took into his possession various papers.
An enforcement officer of the West Bengal Enforcement Office R. R. Kumar was various papers related to the deposit of foreign funds in account no. 1508 in the Indian Overseas Bank in Bodhgaya. Despite being Sunday the police officers at the police station photocopied various related papers for Mr Kumar. In this regard Mr Kumar told the "Jagran" that at first sight there was a case under the FEMA act against Vimalasara. According to Mr Kumar under the foreign contributions Act regulations any certified person can collect contributions from abroad. This was not what had happened in this case. Along with this it was possible for those living abroad to open a non-residents account. But the account at the Indian Overseas Bank had been run as if by an ordinary citizen. Mr Kumar also said that no foreigner could buy and sell land in India without Reserve Bank of India permission. But Ven. Vimalasara had done this.
He said that inspection and evaluation of the related documents would be carried out. After the investigation Ven. Vimalasara would be allowed to put his case forward. Mr Kumar said that if neccessary officials could come again to Gaya to see Ven. Vimalarasa while he was in custody. He said that about seven lakhs of rupees in foreign exchange had been deposited in the account. In this respect it is noteworthy that for the last two months Ven. Vimalasara has been in custody in the prison ward of Gaya Medical College in respect of two cases registered against him at Bodhgaya Police Station.

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