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Several Challenges Face New DSP
Gaya, 25 July. (Dainik Jagran). Siddheshwar Mandal was today appointed as City Deputy Superintendent of police. There will be considerable pressure on him to free the town from crime. Gaya inhabitants are talking about whether he will be able to solve in the future several contraversial crime incidents.
It is memorable that in May after the B.P. Gupta murder case Ranjit Kumar, the then DSP, was suspended. For two months Manoj Kumar was in charge. Last night Mr Mandal arrived in Gaya. The Night Watch Police Inspector Ravindran Shankaran and N.C. Dhendhiyal the DIG were informed of his arrival. Today he presented his credentials [?] and was confirmed as DSP. There are several challenges facing him: the B. P. Gupta murder case, the six lakh robbery and several other contraversial cases are all important challenges. He will also be faced by the challenge of stopping the drug and prostitution business in the city. However he will be assisted by the experienced and contraversial DIG Nirmal Chandra Dhendhiyal and the SP Ravindran Shankaran. This will be a "plus point" for Mandal. Mr Mandal has served at Mobile [or perhaps with the mobile force?], and at Ranchi, Bokaro, Gopalganj, etc. and before Gaya was the city DSP in Gopaljanj.

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