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Appeal To End Animal Sacrifices At Manglagauri
Gaya, 25 July. (Dainik Jagran). The founder of the Annapurna Ashram which is an institution for the revival of Indian culture, Sanskrit language and the eternal Dharma has appealed for Animal Sacrifices at Manglagauri to be stopped.
The Founder, Sanyasi Shambhu Nath Giri, alias Shankar Das said that despite the order of the Governor there had not been halting of the practice of animal sacrifice. In this administrative indifference was evident. Mr Das said that the sacred hem of mother Mangla was today being dirtied by the bloody games of [killing] animals by so called superstitious element in society and priests. He appealed, while awaking their sense of responsibility, to concerned citizens that they should give their aid in stopping this dirty practice.
It is notable that that in this town sacred to Lord Vishnu and Buddha the body of mother Sati having been cut into pieces by Vishnu's discus fell onto the summit of Mt. Bhusmakut. and Mother Mangla became manifest. It is believed that Mother Mangla is the Original Shakti [goddess] who nourishes the whole world. This Shaktipitha is known amongst the 108 Shaktipitha's as Palanpitha.
[Note: the story of the dismemberment of the goddess in her form that gives rise to the Shaktipithas [sites sacred to the goddess] normally includes that different parts of her fell in different places: from Hinglaj Devi near the border of Iran to Kamakhya in Assam and from North to South. Palanapitha refers to the nourishing aspect of the goddess:- PGF]

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