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Lalu is playing politics while wearing a mask of non-discrimination between religions
Gaya, 21 July. (Dainik Jagran) The National General Secretary of the All India Buddhist Monks Association Ven. Anand has once more taken issue with the RAJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. Ven. Anand today said openly that Lalu Prasad Yadav was practicing politics whilst wearing the mask of non-discrimination between religions. [dharm nirupekshata, could be translated as religious non-alignment, and is often translated as "secularism" but here seems to mean "non-discrimination between religions":-PGF] The Monks Association will be going to Delhi during the monsoon sitting of parliament to meet with leaders for the amendment of the Mahabodhi Temple Act.
Whilst having come for a residence to Bodhgaya National General Secretary Anand today said to "Jagran" that the campaign for the amendment of the Mahabodhi temple act is ongoing. He said that in Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav is taking the path of "splitting" the Buddhists. The Temple issue had been so politicised that the face of the "secular" Lalu Prasad was now revealed. He said that whilst oppressing the poor of Bihar Lalu Prasad was playing out the act of leading with a lantern in the darkness. Ven. Anand said that under the banner of the Monks Association he would be going to Delhi to alert various leaders to these acts of Lalu Prasad Yadav.
He said that for a long time Buddhists had trusted Lalu. But now the time had come when Lalu Prasad had not acted on his promise to change the 1949 act and had proved himself to be a "great deceiver". It is notable that the All India Monks Association and the Mahabodhi Temple Liberation Movement Committee ran a campaign to change the 1949 Temple Act in 1990. Ven. Anand said that shortly on a national and an international level the campaign would once more be prepared.
Ven. Anand said that yesterday a letter had been sent to the District Magistrate and the Chairman of the advisory committee of the temple. In which there was a demand for the non-employed monks to be reinstated. [on the committee?, perhaps a reference to Ven. Prajnasheela former head of the committee?] He said that the District Magistrate had said that the monks who went on a hunger strike to death in January 2002 would be taken into the temple again. Enough time had now passed but up to now the committee had not taken a decision on this matter.

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