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Implementation of Standard Criteria for World Heritage Essential: Ven. Anand
Gaya, 20 July. (Dainik Jagran). All India Monks Association National General Secretary Ven. Anand has expressed pleasure over the inclusion of the Mahabodhi temple in the World Heritage Listing. He has written a letter to the District Magistrate Brajesh Mehotra stressing the need to fulfill the conditions for inclusion in the world heritage listing. Ven. Anand arrived two days ago for his residence and yesterday issued a press statement to this effect.
Ven. Anand said that it was a matter for pleasure for Buddhists all over the world that the Mahabodhi Temple had been included in the world Heritage Listing. He said that he had heard that the Temple had been included on certain conditions and that if the inhabitants of Bodhgaya and the state government did not fulfil those conditions it would be removed from the listings. He said that in this matter we will put pressure on the state and central government. Ven. Anand said that it was essential to fulfill all of the conditions for world heritage listing. Through this the reputation of Bodhgaya would increase abroad.
Concerning the controversy which had been aroused over the last few days over the buffer zone he said that some people in Bodhgaya are in the habit of opposing all works in Bodhgaya. They see bad in even good works. Only a few people lead this opposition. He said that not only would the greatness of the Bihar State Government be enhanced but also the honour of the local population by the listing of the Temple in the World Heritage listing. The future of the local people was linked to the Mahabodhi temple. The problem of the daily wages of the local people would not be solved by the progress in Bodhgaya after the listing of the temple in the world heritage list. Despite this, unemployment would also be solved. He said that a few people were misleading the ordinary people. If the people were mislead this golden opportunity would not come again. He appealed to the inhabitants of Bodhgaya to help with all the works, whatever they may be, after the listing of the temple in the world heritage list.

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