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Workers to Demonstrate against Disruption of Health Programmes
Gaya, 17 July, (Dainik Jagran). The Bihar Medical and Health Workers Union has announced their intention to demonstrate and perform satyagraha against the constant disruption to health services by the government under the name of Globalisation (vaishvikaran), liberalisation and privatisation.
The District level meeting of the Bihar Medical and Public Health workers union was today concluded in Gaya under the leadership of Avadh Kumar Singh. In the meeting after consideration of the state level campaign and organisation proposals they were agreed to a 100% and two separate teams were formed. The team leaderships were handed over to the district to minister Bhupendra Yadav and District Chairman Avadh Kumar Singh. Tours to the various blocks in the district and promotion and publicity are to be organised. On the 8th of August on the Sub-Divisional [anumandal / Tehsil] level a convention would be organised at which the Block development officers, Sub-Divisional officers, Civil Surgeon etc. would be presented with protests over disruption in health programs, hold ups in pay and 'katni-chatni'. [which means something like 'cuts and pruning' I think]

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