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Letter to Government over safety of pilgrims and the Mahabodhi temple
Gaya, 6 July, (Dainik Jagran). The Police Superindent has sent a memo to the state head office over the safety of pilgrims to the Mahabodhi Temple. In which there are requests for several police 'O.P' vehicles, extra police force and officers.
The Police Superintendent Ravindran Shankaran has sent a proposal for security in relation to the temple and pilgrims to police headquarters. Mr Shankaran has said that due to the listing of the temple in the World Heritage list there is the possiblility of an unprecedented rise in visitor numbers to the temple. The law and order situation in and around Bodhgaya is a challenge for the police and in this regard a proposal has been made.
Mr Shankaran said that there was a proposal to open a police OP (operations post?) within an 80 foot radius at Sujata, Dungeshwari and the Mahabodhi Temple. There is a demand for 80 new officers, including women officers, to be appointed. Along with this a foreign branch office should be opened in Bodhgaya. Mr Shankaran said that a decision had been made to appoint at the Bodhgaya precinct 4x16 armed officers and 20 Lathi equipped officers. He said there is a proposal to open a police information office next to the existing enquiry booth at the temple.
The District Magistrate Brajesh Mehotra said that an order to station one six person police force in the temple compound had been given to the Police Superintendent. He said that the District Administration had no intention to 'Destroy' Bodhgaya in the name of the World Heritage Listing. He said that within the buffer zone around the temple of one kilometre no building would be torn down. But there would be a restriction on new building. From one to two kilometres in radius would be a controled zone. He said that now that they were included in the World Heritage List Bodhgaya and the area around was setting out on the road to progress, not on the road to destruction.

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