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Driver Killed, Loaded Truck Stolen
Gaya, 23 June. (Dainik Jagran). Last night on the GT road in Gaya district a truck driver was killed and his loaded truck stolen.
Due to police alertness the thieves then abandoned the truck and fled. The police then recovered the truck and its load, the deceased driver was from the Allahabad area of UP. Near Pathar Kanthi in Sherghati district the criminals blocked the road by parking an empty truck across it and stopped the truck which was laden with groceries. The criminals took the driver and assistant into their custody then took off in an Eastern direction on the road. The assistant then managed to jump from the moving vehicle and escaped and rang the police from a nearby telephone booth. The station in charge then radioed the headquarters. When the Barachatti police station heard the news they sent an armed party to chase the criminals. Near to Barachatti by the bridge at Chanda the criminals. murdered the driver and threw his body onto the road. Then another kilometer ahead they left the vehicle on the road and ran off. The driver was killed in the vehicle by having his testicles chopped off and died due to loss of blood. The driver, Nanhe Khan, was an inhabitant of Pitaipura in Allahabad district of UP.
Police Superintendent Ravindran Shankar said the truck was loaded with groceries and was on its way from Delhi to Calcutta via Kanpur. The truck was taken to Sherghati police station and a case registered against unknown criminals. It was said that there were about six or seven criminals. and the police are searching for the criminals. and the truck used in the theft.

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