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Mahabodhi Temple Draft Development Plan Ready
Bodhgaya, 13 June (Dainik Jagran). Several draft development plans have been prepared by the central Tourism Minister bearing in mind the memo given by Kalicaran Singh the secretary of the Temple Management committee for the 1400 year old ancient historic Mahabodhi Temple and the all round development of the world famous [town of] Bodhagaya.
According to information received there is a scheme to attract the national and international tourists who have come to the Muchalinda pond situated in the Mahabodhi Temple compound. In this there is a scheme to build an artificial hill illuminated with ultra-modern lighting behind the Buddha and Muchalinda images in the pond. This scheme is to be completed under the supervision of HUDCO.[1] It is possible that the said works may be begun during the next few months. Along with this special provisions for foreign tourists will be made in the meditation garden in the temple compound where meditation huts will be built in a mixture of styles based on various countries and cultures.
It is known that for the beautification of the temple on the proposal of the temple committee the central tourism ministry allotted 32 lakhs of rupees to the state tourism department in order to illuminate the temple with special lighting. For this special columns have been erected all around the temple. But up until now no arrangements for light bulbs has been possible. Due to this a situation of uncertainty has been created for the temple committee. Along with this although at the 2546th Buddha Jubilee celebration the foundation stone was laid for a ceremonial entrance gateway there is a possiblity that construction work may be delayed. It is said that due to the need for two pillars in the middle of the 60 foot doorway the estimate made formerly it has been decided will need to be reconsidered.

[1] HUDCO, a company name, perhaps Hindustan Development Corporation?

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