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Monk is wrong say Buddhist Scholar and VHP
Gaya, May 31st. The statement made by the Ven. Anand the National Secretary of the All India Monks Association after Buddha Purnima is wrong according the Buddhist scholar P.C. Ray and the VHP. In his statement the Ven. Anand said that Buddha was not an Avatar of Vishnu and to say that Buddhists and Hindus were brothers was not only laughable but also puerile.
In this regard the notable Buddhist scholar P. C. Ray said that Ven. Anand's logic was faulty. If Buddhist culture had begun in opposition to Hindu culture then why was there a section praising Brahmins in the Dhammapada of the Tripitaka canon of the Buddhists? Why was Buddha himself called a Brahmin? Prof. P.C. Ray said that in Ashoka's rock edict about Bodhgaya it says that 'Brahmins and Buddhists may be seen there and gifts given to both'. He said that the word 'Brahmin' first appears in Buddhist literature and later in Vedic literature. In other words there were Buddhist Brahmins first and Hindu Brahmins later.He said that Brahmins, Shramans and monks were one and the same thing. He said that in his view he whose mind was vast, noble and liberal was a Brahmin. He whose mind was pleasing, happy and good was a Shramana.
Amit Mohan Mishra the former vice-minister of the district Vishva Hindu Parishad [World Hindu Council:-PGF] said that whilst Ven. Anand denied that Buddha was the ninth Avatar of Vishnu whilst it was universally accepted by that the was the ninth Avatar and there was no support for his view, whilst 800 million of India's inhabitants believed in his being the ninth Avatar. This is the truth. There was no need for any proof of it. Mr Mishra said that Ven. Anand argued that Buddha was not an Avatar, but had Buddha ever called himself 'Bhagvan'? [the common Hindi title for Buddha, often taken to mean 'God':-PGF] Had Buddha ever called for people in his name to carry out commerce or practice politics? Mr. Mishra said that Ven. Anand should take of his robes and practice politics openly. He said that Ven. Anand was trying once again to create dispute between Hindus and Buddhists.

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