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New-Buddhists Call Again for the Liberation of the Mahabodhi Temple
Bodhgaya, 27 May. After the announcement of all sorts of measures to liberate the Mahabodhi Temple from the clutch of Hindus the caravan of Ambedkarite New-Buddhists is eager to leave Bodhgaya again. People could be seen until mid afternoon standing and waiting all over the place for buses and tempos to the railway station.
Surai Sasai, national leader [of the All India Monks Association] in a sharp address to the assembled Buddhists on the occasion of Buddha Purnima on the Kalacakra Maidan gave an extensive account of the form of the campaign being launched to liberate the Mahabodhi Temple. Along with this the Ven. Ananda made an appeal to assemble in sufficient numbers in not only Bodhgaya but also Dehli and Patan for dharnas and demonstrations and programs for the handing over of the Temple to Buddhists from the Temple Management Committee and a change in the 1949 act.
After this in the morning people could be seen standing around in the bus stand and some were even walking to Gaya. Near to the Mahabodhi Society approved roadside Travel Agents were making buses, tempos and other vehicles available. Some of the same tourists after visiting Bodhgaya were also going back and forth between Rajgir, Nalanda, Sujata and other Buddhist sites to take darshana.
On another side last night hundreds of social revolutionary agh.a.ri [?] Buddhists gathered at the site of the enlightenment on the morning of the 27th of May and took out a 'reverence' march for the liberation of the Mahabodhi temple movement. The reverence march began near to the Committee office and went via the Daijokyo temple back to the Mahabodhi temple. Leading the march Mukunda Khaire said to the Buddhists who were accompanying him that in order for Buddhism to be recognised as an independent religion under section 25 of the Indian constitution, and in order to liberate the Mahabodhi temple from the clutch of servitude to the Brahmin Abbots the members of the organisation were ready to make every sacrifice.
It is said that the seeds of controversy have been sown over the last few years at the sacred site of the Buddha's enlightenment. Disproving the administrations claim that the celebration of Buddha Purnima had passed peacefully the various controversial acts of the New-Buddhists gave a covert message of something else again. Moreover it was apparent, on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, from some slips of paper being circulated by those Ambedkarites who had come that the peaceful site of Bodhgaya with its message of spreading peace and love throughout the world would in coming days become completely without peace.

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