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Mahabodhi Temple to be World Heritage Listed by June: DM
Bodhgaya, 20 May. The District Magistrate Brajesh Mehotra inaugurated the first one day seminar of the "Buddha Parikrama 2002" lecture series in the BTMC library building held under the joint auspices of the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee and the Buddhist Cultural Centre Patna. He said that at the Mahabodhi Temple, Vajrasana, Muchalinda Tank, and other prominent places tourists would be given special information about the sites by transmitter. [perhaps some sort of P.A. system:-PGF] Along with this an auditorium would be speedily constructed in Bodhgaya. He expressed the hope that by the coming June Bodhgaya would be included in the World Heritage. He said that ordinary people and experts on Buddhist literature had been asked for suggestions.
Dr. Jagdishvar Pandey, the former Director of the Kashi Prasad Jaiswal research Institute Patna said, whilst presenting a research paper on the subject of "the search for the Buddha's path" to the seminar, that after Lord Buddha's great departure on his way to Bodhgaya he stopped in Western Champaran in Ramapurva [and the sites] where Chandak left him, he accepted kashaya and shaved his head and put on monk's robes became regarded as especially important as the Emperor Ashoka built stupas and two pillars at them in the third century BCE. He said that after becoming a monk the Buddha visited the ashrama of Alara Kalama where also an Ashokan Pillar had been found. Immediately afterwards via Vaishali, Pahligrama, Rajgir Tapovan [hot springs:-PGF], Gaya Shirsha (Brahmayoni), Uruvela (Bakraur) he came to the Bodhi tree where he attained enlightenment.
The Chairmanship of the Seminar was performed by Dr Vinod Kumar Yadendu, Speaker [Reader?] in Magadh University's Ancient History Department and MLA and member of the Buddhist Cultural Centre Patna. He said that this kind of function would be held from time to time by the centre from which new directions in the promotion and propagation of Buddhist Culture could be found.
On this occasion the book published by the Patna centre named 'Sambodhi' by Dr Arvind Mahajan, was presented to the public. In this [book] Magadh University Ancient History Head Dr. Yugal Kishor Mishra, Patna University Ancient History Department Head Prof. Bhagvant Sahay, Dr Rajkumar Pathak, Dr. A. K. Ansari, etc. express their ideas. The secretary of the Mahabodhi Society Kalicaran Yadav and the Head of the Centre Dr. P. K. Maun expressed their thanks. Monks from various Buddhist monasteries, Dr R. P. Pandey from Patna, Dr C. P. Sinha, Surendranath Singh, District People's Contact officer Lilakant Jha, Dr Mahesh Prasad with students and hundreds of people took part in this function.

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