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Robbers Shoot Resisting Householder Dead, One Arrested
Bodhgaya, 9 May. In Ahmadnagar of Itra village in the Magadh University Precinct last night when householder Jamaruddin Ansari resisted robbers they shot and killed him.
It is said that in the middle of the night the deceased Ansari resisted robbers who had entered his house. According to reliable sources after the incident villagers refused to allow the police to take the body away until appropriate recompense had been paid. The officials paid ten thousand rupees and offered the family members assurance of accommodation in Indira residences [a kind of state housing scheme:-PGF]. After this the body was sent to Magadh Medical college for a post-mortem. In relation to this case no. 21/2002 has been registered at the University Police station under Indian Penal Code clause 396. The University Police were until evening involved in an intensive search for persons suspected of involvement in the incident. But there is no news of the arrest of anybody.
In a similar matter in regard to Bodhgaya Police Station case no. 42/2002 the suspected criminal Ramsaran Pasvan has been arrested by police and sent to jail. Police Station in Charge S. K. Suman said that Mr Pasvan was the suspected criminal in the case of three houses being robbed in one night last April.

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