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Sri Lankan Government Requests no extension of Vimalasara's Visa
Gaya, 9 May. The Sri Lankan High Commission has requested that there should be no extension of the duration of the validity of the visa of Vimalasara who has been arrested over allegations of involvement in a racket. Mr Thero's visa is going to expire on the 20th of May.
Police Superintendent Ravindran Shankaran said that the Delhi Sri Lankan High Commission had sent this request by fax that the District Commission not recommend the extension of the period of validity of the Visa of Vimalasara Thero. Mr Shankaran also said that he had been told that had suspended Vimalasara Thero from the Mahabodhi Society. He had been told to return to Sri Lanka.
It is notable that the Sri Lankan Citizen Vimalasara Thero was the former monk in charge of the Mahabodhi Society and has been the assistant general-secretary. Cases have been registered against Vimalasara at Bodhgaya under acts 406, 420, 379, 34 and 120 of the Indian Penal Code. Vimalasara has been in judicial custody since the 26th of April. Vimalasara has been a well known in Bodhgaya.

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