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Justice Worships at Mahabodhi Temple
Bodhgaya, 6 May. High Court Justice Shivakriti Singh worshipped at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya. He was welcomed on his arrival yesterday evening by the Mahabodhi Temple Management Committee secretary Kalicharan Yadav and the Monk in-charge the Ven Bodhipala. After worshiping in the central shrine of the temple situated in the temple compound he sat under the Bodhi tree and recited the Mangala Sutra with the monks present there. Mr Singh was accompanied by the Block Officer and the District Officer and other people. Mr Singh was very pleased by what he saw at the temple. In the Guest Reception Centre the District Officer Brajesh Mehotra presented to him the symbol of peace 'khada' and a book about the Mahabodhi temple.
[Note: perhaps a khada is a khata, a silk scarf normally given in blessing by Tibetan monks, or maybe its a reference to a piece of handloom cloth khadi:-PGF]

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