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Congress Makes Demolition of Party Office a matter of Honour
Bodhgaya, 5 May. Congress Party Officials strongly criticised the demolition of the Congress Block Office by the area officer and Police Station in-charge. The Congress warned that it would start a campaign against both the officers responsible. Tomorrow there will be a demonstration and picket at the Bodhgaya [administration] office.
Under the chairmanship of the District Congress Committee Head Ram Uday Prasad an emergency meeting was held today. In it a unanimous motion censuring the demolition of the office was passed. Anger was expressed that up until now no action had been taken against the officers responsible for the demolition. There was also a meeting held under the leadership of the District Women's Congress leader Chandana Mukherji. In which the incident was strongly criticised. Mrs Mukherji called for the arrest and prosecution of the District Officer Ravi Bushan Prasad and the Police Station in-charge Suman Kumar.
[the article then repeats this set of criticisms made at a another meeting of the Bodhgaya local office and then lists about a paragraph of names of those who took part in the meetings.]

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