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Childless Woman Murdered
Bodhgaya, 3 May. In Babu Bigaha village in the Magadh University Police Station Precinct the family of a woman called Jamuni Devi murdered her and then burnt her body. Bodhgaya Police Inspector Uday Pratap Singh said that the case was one of dowry harassment. According to Mr Singh the woman's maternal home was in the village of Rajan in the Gurua Police Precinct. Jamuni Devi was married to Babu Bigaha inhabitant Kuleshvar Yadav about seven years ago. Due to her being childless her in-laws began harassing her. This was the allegation made by the deceased's father. On the basis of the allegation of the deceased's father, Brahmadev Yadav, case no. 19/2002 was registered at the Magadh University Police Station under laws 303, 201, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code against Jodhi Yadav, Bindeshvar Yadav, Kashu Yadav, Shitala Yadav and apart from these the the mother-in-law and the elder-brother's-wife. All the accused are said to be absconding.

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