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Seven Killed and Several Injured during Holi in Gaya
Gaya, 30 March. Altogether seven people have been killed in district during the last two days in the district during Holi. There are also reports of several being injured. A watchman in the terrorist affected Alipur village area was killed during an exchange of fire between two groups. In Bahavacak village during firing between two groups of members of the Yadav caste Kamalesh Yadav was killed. Caritar Manjhi [Manjhi is an untouchable caste name PGF] and Anand Sharma [Sharma's are high caste PGF] were killed in firing between two groups in Lodipur village. The abandoned corpse of an old woman was found in the civil lines by the police. Bhupendra Yadav died on the spot after a motorcycle accident in the Bodhgaya area and Bhonpu Chadhuri was injured. The headless corpse of Chakradev Yadav was recovered from near Pathak Bigha in the Khijasarai area. Three scheduled offenders misbehaved with a woman in an area of Panda Bigha village in Belaganj police station area.

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