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MLA Dhammaviryo announces 33 lakhs for the construction of a Dharmsala in Bodhgaya.
26 March 2002. The 32nd annual meeting of the All India Bikshu Sangha has been taking place for the last two days and about three hundred people and the officers of the Sangha have been taking part.
The meeting was opened by the Sangha Leader Mahathero Dhammapala by raising the Buddhist flag and taking the five precepts. Participants have worshipped at the Mahabodhi temple, taken refuge and the precepts. Mahathero Dhammapala has addressed those present on the Buddha's teachings, wisdom and morality and meditation. State MLA Dhammaviryo announced the construction of a Dharmsala [perhaps for monks of the All India Bikshu Sangha and their followers] at a cost of 33 lakhs.
On the second day of the meeting the accounts of the Sangha were presented, constuction on the site opposite Magadh University was discussed, and a motion to begin a campaign of action from October 2002 to change the act governing the Mahabodhi Temple was accepted.

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