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General Conference of Buddhist Council Begins with Call to Do or Die

22 March. According to an article in the Dainik Jagran for the 23rd of March. The Great Council of the All India Bikkhu Conference is holding a meeting in Bodhgaya in which it has said that it is set on maintaining the sanctity, cleanliness and glory of the Mahabodhi Temple and on changing the 1949 Act governing the Temple. Furthermore they assert that if there are no concrete written steps in this direction from the local administration the council is set on launching a non violent 'do or die' struggle.

This information was given to reporters by Bhante Anand, the National Secretary of the All India Bikkhu Sangha at a press conference at the end of the first day of the conference. He said that the sanctity, cleanliness and glory of the temple was in danger, and in order to maintain it it was necessary to change the 1949 Act. He said that the state and central Governments were constantly deceiving the followers of the Buddha. The state Government was acting highhandedly and no other religious site in the world was in the hands of followers of another religion. He said that it was a unique site where Buddhists came to show respect. But instead of this site being in the hands of Buddhists it had been handed over to Hindus. The Bhante (Abbott) emphasised that Hinduism was the enemy of Buddhism.

Prior to this the National President of the All Indian Bikkhu Sangha Arya Nagarjuna Surai Sasai had given refuge to the whole assembly. The assembled Buddhists had offered flowers to Lord Buddha and welcomed the inauguration of the conference by clapping their hands. Approximately three hundred Buddhists from different states are taking part in this conference which is being held in the Sashi International Hotel in Bodh Gaya.


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