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Bell sent from America to Hang in Mahabodhi Temple
Bodhgaya, 9 March. A meeting of the temple management committee began today in the temple management offices. In addition to expediting various matters already discussed various new matters were discussed.
According to information from sources there was agreement on promptly choosing an appropriate location to hang a great bell in the meditation garden of the temple which has been sent by American Devotees. Extensive beautification works are to be carried out around the Muchalinda pond situated in the temple compound. A serious decision has been taken to ban the burning of oil lamps near the Bodhi Tree and to build on the open land to the West of the Muchalinda pond a site for oil lamps with a pollution free chimney.
Since the previous 22nd of February when the restoration works on the temple by the Archaeological Survey of India began progress has not been see to be rapid.[?] Apart from this anger was expressed about the Archaeological officers not surveying the site. Whilst the installation of lighting for the whole compound by the management committee was almost complete. On the completion of this work 17 lakhs of rupees will have been spent. A proposal to spend 12 lakhs on three splendid Entrance Doors was made which will be built to the West of the Temple. Whilst a door will be built to the Jayprakash Narayan Garden with its statue of B. R. Ambedkar. Along with this research rooms for Research Students will be built at the Library of the Committee.
At the committee on the day of the meeting were present in addition to the Chairman, District Magistrate Brajesh Meharotra, the Secretary Kali Charan Prasad Singh Yadav, the members Ramrup Singh, Mangala Subba, Bhante Surai Sasai, Bhante Jnaneshvar, Dr. Kamla Sinha and Sudarshan Giri, whilst the member Nadayal Dorje was not present.

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