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May 2002 Stories

Monk is wrong say Buddhist Scholar and VHP
Gaya, May 31st. The statement made by the Ven. Anand the National Secretary of the All India Monks Association after Buddha Purnima is wrong according the Buddhist scholar P.C. Ray and the VHP. full story

Lord Buddha Not Avatar of Vishnu: Ven. Anand
Bodhgaya, 29 May. Ven. Anand the National Secretary of the All India Monks Association said that saying that the Buddha was an Avatar of Vishnu and that the Pandavas came to Bodhgaya is a fantasy being put forward in order to gain possession of the Mahabodhi Temple. full story

New-Buddhists Call Again for the Liberation of the Mahabodhi Temple
Bodhgaya, 27 May. After the announcement of all sorts of measures to liberate the Mahabodhi Temple from the clutch of Hindus the caravan of Ambedkarite New-Buddhists is eager to leave Bodhgaya again. full story

2546th Buddha Jubilee Joyfully Celebrated in Bodhgaya Bodhgaya, 26th May. In Bodhgaya the scene of the Buddha's austerities, today the occasion of the 2546th Buddha Jubilee was joyfully celebrated. On this occasion a dawn procession, puja and worship, sutra recitation etc. were all organised. full story

Multi-Faith Prayer Meeting for World Peace
Bodhgaya, 26 May. On the occasion of Buddha Jubilee in the sacred land of Bodhgaya a Multi-faith Prayer meeting for world peace was organised. Representatives of all Religions were present in this meeting. The chief participant was Prof. Samdong Rinpoche the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile. full story

Administration Bows to the All India Monks Association Bodhgaya, 25 May. The District Administration has given in to the demand of the All India Monks Association. The site for the Temple Management Committee cultural program has been changed and the program for Buddha Purnima tomorrow in the Kalacakra Maidan completely handed over to the All India Monks Association. full story

Bodhgaya decorated with Buddhist Flags for Festival Bodhgaya, 24 May. The Temple Management Committee is completely caught up in the preparations for the joyful celebration of the 2546 Anniversary Full Moon of the Lord Buddha. The whole of the temple, temple Management Committee offices and Mahabodhi Society area is being decorated... full story

Stalemate over Kalacakra Maidan
Bodhgaya 21 May. Buddha Purnima will be celebrated in five nights in Bodhgaya the site of the Buddha's enlightenment. Over this there is a stalemate between the Temple Management Committee and the All India Monks Association regarding holding programs on the Kalacakra Maidan. Both organizations have announced they are holding programs on that site on the occasion of Buddha's Jubilee. full story

Gangs of New Buddhists Start Arriving at the Land of the Buddha
Bodhgaya, 21 May. The Mahabodhi Temple of Bodhgaya which is the site of the enlightenment of the Buddha and the sacred site of love, non-violence, peace and compassion has been for the last few years caught up in controversy. full story

Mahabodhi Temple to be World Heritage Listed by June: DM
Bodhgaya, 20 May. The District Magistrate Brajesh Mehotra inaugurated the first one day seminar of the "Buddha Parikrama 2002" lecture series in the BTMC library building held under the joint auspices of the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee and the Buddhist Cultural Centre Patna. full story

Accused in Vijay Manjhi Murder Case Arrested
Bodhgaya, 19 May. The Police claim to have unravelled the knot of the case of the murder of Vijay Manjhi resident of Mauniya [village] on the night before the town council election. full story

"Arrested monk brings disrepute to robe "
11 May. The Times of India reports on the case of Wimalasara Thero's arrest for allegedly accumulating wealth disproportionate with his income. Link to Story

Sri Lankan Government Requests no extension of Vimalasara's Visa
Gaya, 9 May. The Sri Lankan High Commission has requested that there should be no extension of the duration of the validity of the visa of Vimalasara who has been arrested over allegations of involvement in a racket. full story

Robbers Shoot Resisting Householder Dead, One Arrested Bodhgaya, 9 May. In Ahmadnagar of Itra village in the Magadh University Precinct last night when householder Jamaruddin Ansari resisted robbers they shot and killed him. full story

Justice Worships at Mahabodhi Temple
Bodhgaya, 6 May. The Dainik Jagran reports that High Court Justice Shivakriti Singh worshipped at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya. full story

Congress Makes Demolition of Party Office a matter of Honour
Bodhgaya, 5 May. The Dainik Jagran reports that Congress Party Officials strongly criticised the demolition of the Congress Block Office by the area officer and Police Station in-charge. full story

Administration Demolishes Congress Office Under Construction
Bodhgaya, 3 May. The Dainik Jagran reports that the Building being constructed for the District Congress Block Office was demolished by the local administration. Along with this a ban was put on further construction. full story

Childless Woman Murdered
Bodhgaya, 3 May. The Dainik Jagran reports that in Babu Bigaha village in the Magadh University Police Station Precinct the family of a woman called Jamuni Devi murdered her and then burnt her body. full story

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