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March 2002 Stories

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Peaceful Celebrations of Holi Bodh Gaya, 30 March. According to sources Holi, the festival of love and harmony was joyfully and peacefully celebrated in Bodhgaya. more...

Two arrested with ancient Statues Bodhgaya, 30 March. Police arrested two people with ancient statues near the Bodhgaya temple compound. more...

Seven Killed and Several Injured during Holi in Gaya Gaya, 30 March. Altogether seven people have been killed in district during the last two days in the district during Holi. more...

Scattered incidents in the Naxalite affected areas during Holi. Imamganj, 30 March. In view of the activities of the banned Naxalite movement the MCC amidst special security arrangements. more...

Ambedkar's son's wife to visit Bodhgaya
26 March 2002. The Dainik Jagaran reports that Ambedkar's son's wife Meeta Tai is to visit the conference of the All India Bikhshu Sangha more...

MLA Dhammaviryo announces 33 lakhs for the construction of a Dharmsala in Bodhgaya.
26 March 2002. The 32nd annual meeting of the All India Bikshu Sangha has been taking place for the last two days more ...

Foundation Stone for Passenger Terminal at Gaya Airport.
26 March 2002. Another step in the extensive reconstruction work at Gaya airport was taken today more...

Buddhist Monks form Human Chain around Mahabodhi Temple
24 March 2002. Gaya. In connection with changing the 1949 Temple Governance Act of the Mahabodhi Temple this evening approximately 200 monks... more...

General Conference of Buddhist Council Begins with Call to Do or Die
23 March 2002. .... more...

Hundreds of Hindus convert to Buddhism by taking the five refuges
Gaya, 17 March. .... more...

Bell sent from America to Hang in Mahabodhi Temple
Bodhgaya, 9 March. .... more...

Buddhist Council presents 22 point petition to DM.
6 March 2002. .... more... Article from the Hindu

Statue Project "not to be moved to Kushinagar"
28 January 2002. It appears that during January when His Holiness the Dalai Lama was in Bodh Gaya he was asked about the Maitreya Statue project by Marcel Bertel, and he said in response that Kushinagar was a good place. more...

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